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Live Plants & Grass Carpet from Sri Lanka

Indoor plants, Outdoor plants and Grass carpets

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Sri Lankan grown fruits, vegetable and King Coconut

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Sri Lanka is home to world's best spices and many other products

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Exporter of Foliage, Flower, Plant, Vegetable, Fruit, Coconut

Sri Lanka is blessed with the richest and most enticing assortment of tropical Foliage. GreenSac is your doorway to this world of greenery. We are one of the leading Growers and Exporters of Tropical Foliage from Sri Lanka. In addition to Cut Foliage, we also provide Cut Flowers, Landscaping Plants, Potted Plants, Canes and a wide variety of other products. We are located in the historical city of Kurunegala, Sri Lanka.

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Foliage and Flowers

Leaves, top cuttings and flowers

Live Plants & Grass Carpets

Indoor plants, Outdoor plants and Grass carpets

Fruits & Vegetables

Sri Lankan-grown fruits, vegetables and king coconut

Locally Manufactured Items

Spices, cloth products and food items