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"Managing Director has this to say about Sathuta International"
Sunil Rathnayake
Sunil Rathnayake
(Managing Director)
Email: MD@sathuta.net

Back in those years, when I started my career as an entrepreneur, starting business was not a bit like what is being experienced by today's software and hardware obsessed, digitally driven, so fabulously globally connected, information overloaded, computer generated decision making aided, high tech gone, e-commerce business generation.

Most of the time, it was an isolated battle for us armed only with a dream and a burning desire to press ahead.

We knew the value of planning but it was not as simple as sitting before a computer and typing into a previously prepared program which has to be responded with the right answer once it pops up. There was no sophisticated business planning software to predict every possible twists and turns which will happen.

All business planning was done in our memory. There was no plethora of advisers or so called business consultants to get timely information that would have made the things easier. We had to be guided by the popular conventional wisdom or it was more of a trial and error game aided only by one's persistence. We did things that went wrong and we learned from the mistakes. It was only the staying power through thick and thin that won the day.

Today it is stunningly different. Everything about doing business has gone high tech. e-commerce has become a popular phrase and telecommunication networks have turned the whole world of business upside down.

Stepping into a different business in this high tech and relationship era is a both challenging and highly rewarding experience.

I decided to launch this business venture with an open mind and it is with mixed feelings that I ventured into this new international business. I wanted to test the new waters and I wanted to explore the new international business space dominated by internet.

Today's business is not just about selling something and making profits. It's gone beyond building transactions to building lifelong relationships with its customers. It's all about building relationships. I wanted to build strong business relationships and make the new business always marketing oriented.


In short, �I wanted to win and I wanted our customers and clients to win as well�. It is this win-win attitude that we entertain in all our business relationship. We started this export marketing venture with great optimism.

Every minute, we realize that we have taken the right step.

right step in;
timing to enter a global business
recognizing the value of building relationship
entering the digital business world through this web site
the value of total quality management
recognizing all parties in many ways related to our business

such as our customers, our suppliers, our bankers, our governments, trading partners, other regulatory bodies and communities in which we operate, as our customers and deep drive to satisfy and in all possible instances to delight them.

We extend our hands to global business community to join hands and prosper with us. We are working as one big family. Helping realizing every one's dream is our goal.

At Sathuta International, we are striving to blend the human resource, technology and financial resources in the best possible manner to create a truly customer oriented organization to serve the global community of business buyers with best quality, timely delivery, ever competitive prices in a ethical manner and socially responsible way.

Together we strive to create a learning organization in which the first rule is 'every mistake is an opportunity to learn and improve.'


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